Yong Chun County Experimental Kindergarten

Quanzhou City, Fujian, China


Ministry of Education, Yongchun County


In progress

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This 24-classroom school sits on a rectangular site with a narrow edge. It is backed up against a hill and the front faces a main road. As a result, the concept is focused on creating two northern and southern U-blocked architectural forms which embrace the hill. The northern block caters for classes of students aged four to six, while the southern block is for those aged three to five. The blocks enclose two separate outdoor play spaces, providing a secure environment distant from public roads and noise. Because it is inward-facing, school teachers can visually supervise the students, and it also provides visual connectivity to the hill behind. A tiered central garden connects both buildings, looking out towards a historical monument atop the hill that was frequented by well-known Song Dynasty philosopher Zhu Xi.

The kindergarten adapts traditional Yongchun architecture features with modern interpretations portraying simplicity and elegance. A low and long building on the external elevation, coupled with the uplifted roof, forms the typical design profile. Fenestration and elevational material composition, such as stone cladding on the first storey, are also coherent with Yongchun’s traditional buildings.