This is Life’s Work.


To be the Firm of Choice for Liveable, Sustainable, and Beautiful Spaces.


Envisioning a future from one generation to the next, MORROW shapes lives through liveable and sustainable environments that foster identity, community, purpose, and possibilities.

Established in 2017 in Singapore, MORROW is a consultancy specialising in urban planning, urban design, and architecture. MORROW’s founder and Chairman, Dr Liu Thai Ker is recognised as the “Architect of Modern Singapore”.

MORROW’s team is made up of experienced specialists in urban planning and architecture. Applying proven scientific methodologies, MORROW engages in thorough research and design processes to propose sustainable and liveable master plans for government urban planning agencies and private developers worldwide.

MORROW adopts a similar approach to its architecture. From hotels to residences, cultural institutions and logistic hubs, the firm is adept in designing a wide range of building typologies. It draws inspiration from factors such as the context, culture, end-users and socio-economic conditions to create spaces that have a positive impact on the community.