Form follows Function follows Fun

MORROW’s urban planning and architecture philosophy prioritises liveability. This, in turn, impacts functionality and, subsequently, aesthetics.

MORROW’s methodology to master planning applies the three key principles of Value, Science and Art.

Value: Heart of a Humanist

The true purpose of planning is to serve people and the land. Cities should be a liveable ecosystem that supports the community’s culture while ensuring the land is sustainable and functional.

Science: Head of a Scientist

MORROW views cities as “machines for living”, exploiting economies of material, information and technology in its geographical and virtual context to run efficiently.

Art: Eye of an Artist

Romance the land and harmonise the relationship between the urban environment, nature and site context. Beauty should never be compromised even as a balance is sought between plot ratio and building height.

This philosophy is also applied to its architecture projects. MORROW believes that a good piece of architecture is an assembly of essential parts – much like a machine has – that must complement the context proportionately. In doing so, buildings add value to its users by enhancing the spatial experience of its functions.