Weifang Central City

Shandong, China


Weifang Planning Bureau



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Weifang is a third-tier city located in the Shandong province with a population of about nine million. It is well-known as an international kite city. The scope of work includes the Greater Weifang strategic master plan as well as a conceptual master plan of the central city with an area of approximately 400km2. Greater Weifang aims to be a regional logistic hub, therefore the proposal was to have an urban system comprising two cities, eight regions and one new town. The transportation networks, green and blue networks and urban developments are considered in conjunction with future economic activities. The central city will be the most dense urban area within Greater Weifang, and is divided into three regions with commercial centres, each housing a population of about 1.2 million. Key proposed elements include the logistic hub core, airport, MRT system, rail transport hub, a new central business district and conservation of historic sites.