Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley

Qingdao, China


Qingdao Ocean-based R&D Core Area Administration



Project Type


Site Area

218 km²

Blue Silicon Valley is located in northern Qingdao, facing Aoshan Bay, with wonderful sea views. The site is rich in natural resources such as springs, hills, forests and beaches. 97km² of urban development is envisioned to become a world-class hub for marine science and technology, providing high-quality living environment to attract marine-related research and educational institutions to establish their base there. It also hopes to attract industry professionals, their families and students to reside, as well as eco-tourists to visit.

The master plan caters for a population of about 700,000 in five new towns, each planned for high-tech industry and technology incubators that are supported by nearby local residential areas, reducing the need for travel and congestion caused by through traffic. In order for Blue Silicon Valley to continue to be attractive and liveable, general and heavy industries are excluded in the master plan. The Blue Silicon Valley’s Regional Centre is proposed in the centre of the five new towns, bordering the Da Ren River. Its main function is to support Jimo City Business District, and to become a key tourist attraction in Qingdao.

MORROW | Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley
MORROW | Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley
MORROW | Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley

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