Changdao County Concept Master Plan

Changdao, Shandong, China


Changdao County Construction Bureau



Project Type

New Town

Site Area


Renowned for being the site of the Chinese legend where the Eight Immortals crossed the Bohai Sea from Penglai to the north, Changdao County is made up of 32 islands on the northern shore of the Shandong Province. Of these, five are recommended to be developed, with the two largest being the focal points. This would ensure there is a substantial enough population to make up a living community and save on infrastructure investment cost. In the concept master plan, the building height is capped at nine storeys, with most under seven storeys. Any contemporary architecture take their cue from the distinctive traditional architecture found in the islands. In doing so, Changdao hopes to be recognised as a world-class Chinese tourist island, similar in stature to the island resorts in the Mediterranean Sea.