Zhuhai City Rail

Zhuhai, Guangdong, China


Zhuhai Urban Utilities Landscaping & Forestry Bureau



Site Area

26km long

Zhuhai is the gateway from Macau to China, making this an important logistic node. From there, travellers can take a high-speed rail to different parts of mainland China. These factors compelled the City Government of Zhuhai to develop the urban image of the transportation line originating from the city. Among the proposed ideas were controlling the building height, streetscape design and softscape area, and revitalising the facades of buildings along the 26km line within Zhuhai.

It was necessary to create a visual impact for passengers travelling at different speeds – from high-speed rail passengers traveling at approximately 100km/hr, road users at approximately 60km/hr, cyclists at approximately 15km/hr and pedestrians at approximately 2km/hr. A series of design techniques was used, such as colours and forms at different heights to respond to every commuters’ eye level. Other considerations included seasonal changes in the landscape to give travellers a different impression every season.