Kenneth Ng

Senior Associate

A landscape architect and urban planner, Kenneth is a Senior Associate at MORROW with a decade of experience in Russia, China, and Singapore. He believes in the importance and need for a landscape master plan in every city and has completed several urban planning and landscape projects in China and Kazan. For instance, he led and completed projects ranging from a Constellation City, such as Weifang City and Greater Kunming – with a population size of more than 10 million, to Hi-tech Park and Tourism Districts, such as Kazan Innopolis and Yunnan Dongfengyun – with a population size ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands.

During his tenure at the National Parks Board from 2009 to 2010, he was involved in two notable landscape design projects: the Singapore Pavilion in Shanghai’s World Expo 2010 for which he was the key designer, and Singapore Round Island Route Plan. He also successfully implemented innovative water-sensitive landscape design in the China Cultural Centre in Singapore. Kenneth has been invited to deliver speeches at international conferences, Chinese forums, and institutions, and has also given media interviews in China.