MORROW’s Founding Chairman, Dr. Liu Thai Ker, Speaks at TEDx Singapore

For Singapore, and for cities I plan, I look for the unique Design Gene of that locality to give it its unique character.” – Dr Liu Thai Ker.

MORROW’s founding chairman Dr Liu Thai Ker shared his valuable experience with Singapore’s Master Plan and the country’s unique approach to sustainable planning, with TEDxSingapore.

Likening a country to a family with its various regions as different family members in a hierarchy, Dr Liu explains how segregation of the regions can diffuse the feelings of oppressiveness one may feel in a highly dense city. For example, having different levels of a city from a central business district, followed by regional centers, town centers, and lastly neighbourhood centers. This allows for basic essential activities to be immediately available in the vicinity and conversely, for less frequent or more formal activities

Dr Liu also pointed out that high density should not be used as an excuse for not creating a  liveable urban environment. In Singapore, this was achieved by the inclusion of parks and low-rise buildings in the vicinity of high rise office buildings, allowing for the skies to remain visible as one walks through the area.

Watch Dr Liu’s full talk here.

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