Xia Wannuo


Wannuo is an Associate at MORROW who prides herself on being a versatile designer and urban planner with a special focus on the planning and design of Central Business Districts (CBDs). With more than nine years of experience, she has completed projects of various scales, such as the Greater Xi’an Strategic Master Plan and CBD Urban Design, Kunming Central City Concept Master Plan, Shanghai Baogang Industrial Park Preservation and Revitalisation Plan, Brunei CFLD Special Economic Zone Conceptual Master Plan.

Before joining MORROW, she was a Senior Planner at RSP Architects Planners and Engineers. In 2017, she became a Full Member of the Singapore Institute of Planners. Wannuo received her Bachelor of Engineering in Urban Design from Tongji University, Shanghai, and her Masters of Arts in Urban Design at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Particularly noteworthy is how she and her coursemates represented NUS at the Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition and won a commendation award for their project.